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Starlink’s high-speed satellite internet solutions boost property developments, delivering uninterrupted connectivity for new builds, remote sites, and urban projects across the UK.

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With two decades of telecom expertise, we understand the evolving needs of UK property developers. Starlink’s high-speed internet connectivity ensures seamless communication and efficient operations for new builds, remote sites, and urban developments, even in the most challenging locations.


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Why are property developers using Starlink™?

Property developers in the UK are increasingly relying on Starlink™ for their internet connectivity needs, particularly for conducting essential surveys. This advanced satellite internet service offers unparalleled benefits that streamline operations and significantly enhance efficiency in the field. With reliable high-speed internet access in remote areas, developers can maintain seamless communication, collect real-time data, and reduce costs associated with traditional internet solutions, transforming property development projects.

Starlink™ reduces the need for costly temporary wired connections or unreliable mobile hotspots. By providing a reliable internet solution, developers can save on expenses and reduce the time required to set up and conduct surveys, streamlining their operations and increasing overall productivity.

With Starlink™, property developers can access and manage sites that were previously challenging due to poor internet connectivity. This expanded access allows for more comprehensive site evaluations and better-informed development decisions. Further, Starlink™  allows for immediate feedback, quick problem-solving, and better coordination during survey operations, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the survey process.

Starlink™’s satellite internet solutions are easily scalable, making them suitable for projects of all sizes. Whether working on a single-site development or a multi-location project, developers can rely on Starlink™ to provide the necessary connectivity.


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Starlink for property developers

Starlink For Property Developers

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UK property developers have long struggled with unreliable internet from mobile hotspots, temporary wired connections, and outdated satellite services. These traditional methods often led to slow speeds, high latency, poor signal strength, and lengthy setup times, hampering project management. Starlink is the solution you’ve been waiting for. With its innovative technology, enjoy high-speed, reliable internet that ensures seamless communication, efficient operations, and real-time data access, even in the most remote areas. Transform your projects with Starlink and drive your success forward!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Starlink’s high-speed internet can support smart building technologies, including IoT devices, energy management systems, and security systems, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of modern developments.

Yes, Starlink’s high-speed internet supports advanced construction management software, enabling real-time project tracking, data analysis, and collaboration among team members.

Starlink’s reliable internet connectivity supports teleworking and remote project management, allowing developers to oversee projects, collaborate with team members, and manage tasks from any location. With reliable and efficient internet connectivity, and streamlining various aspects of property development, delays can be reduced, ultimately accelerating project timelines.

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