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High-speed satellite internet and seamless connectivity for healthcare providers, enhancing telemedicine, search and rescue, and patient care, even in remote areas.

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We specialise in providing UK healthcare providers with innovative technology solutions to enhance connectivity, streamline operations, and support exceptional patient care.

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The future of connectivity

In the past, UK healthcare providers often relied on traditional internet solutions like mobile hotspots, temporary wired connections, or inadequate satellite services. These methods frequently struggled with poor signal strength in remote areas, slow speeds, high latency, and long setup times, making efficient patient care and communication difficult.

Unlock seamless connectivity with Starlink’s innovative technology. Improve patient care and streamline your healthcare operations. Make the switch to Starlink today!

Why are healthcare providers using Starlink™?

Healthcare providers are choosing Starlink for its reliable and high-speed satellite internet for improved telemedicine, patient monitoring, and efficient data management, even in remote areas.

Search and rescue operations can have dependable communication in challenging locations, enhancing coordination and response times.

With Starlink, healthcare providers can deliver better care, stay connected without interruptions, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Starlink enables reliable telemedicine services across the UK, ensuring that patients in rural and remote areas have access to virtual consultations and medical advice without connectivity issues.

With high-speed internet, Starlink supports real-time patient monitoring, allowing healthcare providers to track vital signs and health data continuously, improving patient outcomes and emergency response times.

Starlink’s robust connection ensures efficient data management and transfer, helping UK healthcare providers maintain accurate records, comply with regulations, and make informed decisions quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Starlink for Healthcare provides reliable, high-speed satellite internet, essential for telemedicine, patient monitoring, and efficient data management. Its ability to deliver consistent connectivity, even in remote areas, makes it a valuable investment for enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

Starlink internet speeds range from 70 Mbps to 220 Mbps, depending on your location and circumstances, with potential speeds exceeding 300 Mbps. These speeds ensure smooth telemedicine sessions, rapid data transfers, and reliable patient monitoring, meeting the demands of modern healthcare.

Upon contacting us,  a team member will assist you and we will assess your Starlink Kit requirements. We will then oversee the entire installation project. Our dedicated support team is available with any installation or technical needs you may have.

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