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Our team has been installing aerials and satellites for more than 20 years. We are now able to install Starlink satellite internet in Manchester and nearby areas. Our installation crew is quick, effective, and professional, ensuring that your installation is completed promptly.

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Across Manchester and surrounding areas.

Why are people in Manchester choosing Starlink™?

People in Manchester and the surrounding areas are choosing Starlink Satellite Internet for its high-speed internet connectivity that is not limited by traditional internet infrastructure constraints. Starlink Satellite Internet uses a constellation of low orbit satellites to provide high-speed internet service to remote or rural areas that traditional internet service providers underserve. This technology offers 100 – 500 Mbps, which is faster than many traditional broadband providers, making it an attractive option for people in areas where traditional internet services are scarce or unreliable. 

Additionally, the ease of installation and portability of the satellite dish allows for easy access to the internet, making it an especially worthwhile investment for those living in remote areas. The strong data encryption and data security measures employed by Starlink provide a secure and reliable internet connection for households, making it a popular choice among people in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Poor internet speeds can be a problem in Manchester and the surrounding areas due to factors such as old infrastructure, distance from exchanges, and high demand.

Some of the worst affected areas in Manchester include Ardwick, Ancoats, and Moss Side.

Additionally, the high population density and urban sprawl of Manchester can further strain infrastructure, causing slow internet speeds. A recent study found that Manchester ranked 15th out of 20 UK cities for internet speed, with average download speeds of around 30Mbps. While this is not necessarily the worst in the country, it does indicate that there is still room for improvement in this crucial area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several areas in Manchester and surrounding regions that suffer from slow or poor internet speeds. According to recent data, rural areas such as Glossop and Hayfield experience some of the slowest broadband speeds in the region with average speeds of around 13-14Mbps. Other areas that have been identified with slow or poor internet connectivity include parts of Oldham, Rochdale, and north Manchester. These areas may face connectivity issues due to factors such as distance from the exchange, network congestion, and poor infrastructure. It’s worth noting that poor internet speeds can have a significant impact on businesses and individuals, hindering productivity in a number of ways.

Yes, Starlink is available to the whole of the UK including Manchester.

Most installations usually take 2 hours. However, that can depend on the installation type and the building we’re installing on as well as your individual requirements.

Installations start from £200.

Yes, of course you can! However, we find that people want to get a professional to install their Starlink so that they can be rest assured it has been mounted properly and safely, and that they don’t need to use power tools or test their nerves working at heights up a ladder.

Starlink is a new and growing internet solution so speed is always improving. However, you can expect to achieve speeds from 50 mbps and up to 300 mbps. Some people have also reported speeds of 500 mbps at times but this is rare and it will be some time before Starlink can deliver this performance consistently.