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Starlink Installation

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With two decades of experience under our belt, our dedicated crew specialises in the art of setting up aerials and satellites. Our latest feat? Bringing Starlink to Cheshire. When you choose us, you’re opting for a swifter, more efficient, and impeccably professional installation, guaranteeing that your connection to the stars will be up and running in no time.

Starlink Installation Cheshire

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Across Cheshire and surrounding areas.

Why are people in Cheshire choosing Starlink™?

Cheshire residents are now poised to embrace cutting-edge internet speeds, thanks to Starlink satellite technology. Bid farewell to the days of sluggish and undependable connectivity in this rural haven. Starlink’s pioneering approach to internet access ensures that even the farthest-flung households and businesses in Cheshire can relish a swift, reliable connection to vital online services.

Not only are Starlink’s services highly efficient, but they come at a competitive price point. This factor makes it the go-to choice for everyone, especially people who were previously priced out of other connectivity options. The company’s commitment to investing in its satellite infrastructure is a clear indication of its dedication to providing even faster speeds and low latency to its customers in the future.

Without a doubt, Starlink is rapidly changing the game, and the Cumbria region is just the beginning.

Cheshire, a captivating county nestled in the northwest of England, has grappled with a persistent challenge of inadequate internet speeds. Despite its stature as a prominent tourist hotspot and home to approximately half a million residents, numerous Cheshire denizens and enterprises contend with limited internet access. This predicament casts a significant shadow over the local economy, hindering businesses from competing effectively and individuals from seizing online services and opportunities.

The crux of the matter lies in Cheshire’s predominantly rural landscape, where numerous communities find themselves ensconced in remote locales bereft of fibre-optic broadband accessibility. Consequently, this geographical hurdle has resulted in slower speeds and unreliable connections, impeding residents’ access to vital services, completion of online tasks, and even communication with loved ones. Acknowledging this quandary, the local government has pledged to enhance broadband infrastructure across the region, yet the pace of progress has been gradual, leaving many Cheshire residents still grappling with this pervasive issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

n the serene landscapes of Cheshire, nestled in the Northwest of England, certain rural pockets grapple with the challenge of sluggish internet speeds, owing to limited infrastructure and their remote distance from urban centres. Among the areas experiencing the slowest internet speeds are Grange-over-Sands, Millom, and Eskdale, where average broadband speeds hover around 20 Mbps. Additionally, other regions such as Coniston, Staveley, and Ulverston also contend with slower internet connections.

Both local government authorities and internet service providers have embarked on initiatives to ameliorate broadband infrastructure, funneling investments into advanced technologies. Nevertheless, many residents in Cheshire are exploring alternative avenues, such as satellite internet solutions like Starlink, to bridge the digital divide and ensure more reliable access to high-speed connectivity.

Yes, Starlink is available to the whole of the UK including Cheshire.

Most installations usually take 2 hours. However, that can depend on the installation type and the building we’re installing on as well as your individual requirements.

Installations start from £200.

Yes, of course you can! However, we find that people want to get a professional to install their Starlink so that they can be rest assured it has been mounted properly and safely, and that they don’t need to use power tools or test their nerves working at heights up a ladder.

Starlink is a new and growing internet solution so speed is always improving. However, you can expect to achieve speeds from 50 mbps and up to 300 mbps. Some people have also reported speeds of 500 mbps at times but this is rare and it will be some time before Starlink can deliver this performance consistently.