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For over 20 years, we have specialised in telecommunications, equipping UK mining businesses with the most advanced and innovative technology available.

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The future of connectivity

In the UK mining industry, traditional internet solutions like outdated satellite services often poor signal strength, slow speeds, and high latency. These issues hinder efficient operations and communication, leading to delays and safety concerns.

Starlink revolutionizes connectivity for the mining sector with high-speed, reliable satellite internet. This technology ensures seamless communication, real-time data transfer, and efficient remote diagnostics, even in isolated areas. With Starlink, mining companies can enhance efficiency, improve safety, and maintain productivity across all locations.

Why are mining industries using Starlink™?

Mining companies in the UK choose Starlink™ for its ability to deliver fast, dependable internet to remote locations, improving operational efficiency and enhancing safety protocols. With Starlink™, miners can perform real-time equipment monitoring, remote diagnostics, and data-driven decision-making, significantly boosting productivity and safety.

Starlink™ provides high-speed, reliable internet to rural and remote mining locations in the UK, ensuring seamless communication and efficient coordination. This connectivity eliminates isolation, allowing for better resource management and swift responses to operational needs, ultimately boosting productivity.

With Starlink™ , UK mining operations gain real-time monitoring capabilities, essential for tracking equipment performance and operational metrics. Continuous data streaming provides immediate insights, enabling informed decisions, optimizing production, and swiftly addressing issues.

Starlink™ enables remote diagnostics, allowing experts to troubleshoot equipment issues from afar, reducing the need for on-site technical support. This minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring quick resolution of problems and extended equipment life.

Starlink’s high-speed internet enhances safety by supporting real-time surveillance, automated alerts, and emergency communication tools. This immediate detection and reporting of hazards ensure swift safety protocol enactment, protecting workers and improving overall safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Starlink’s satellite internet equipment is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions typical of mining sites. Its robust hardware can operate effectively in extreme weather, ensuring continuous, reliable connectivity for critical mining operations.

Starlink can be rapidly deployed, offering a quick setup process that minimises disruption to ongoing operations. Its satellite-based system does not rely on traditional infrastructure, making it ideal for remote and rural mining locations where other internet solutions may take longer to establish.

Yes, Starlink’s high-speed internet connectivity is ideal for supporting IoT devices in mining operations. This enables real-time monitoring, data collection, and automation, which enhance operational efficiency, safety, and productivity in the mining industry.

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