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Case Study: Starlink Installation in Southwick, Hampshire

Case Study: Navigating Listed Building Requirements - A Comprehensive Starlink Installation in Southwick, Hampshire

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This case study highlights a complex Starlink installation in Southwick, Hampshire, where the property was a listed building, and planning consent presented unique challenges. The large size of the house required a mesh network system to ensure complete coverage throughout. Our team efficiently worked around the listed building requirements to install the Starlink system and mesh network, providing reliable internet connectivity without compromising the building’s historical significance.

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Installation Details:
Date: July 2023
Location: Listed building, estate in Southwick, Hampshire (Near Portsmouth)

Installation Process:

Planning Consent Considerations: To meet the listed building requirements, our team carefully planned the installation to adhere to the guidelines provided by the local planning authority. This involved ensuring no more than two antennas were installed on the property and adhering to size limitations.

Adapting Antenna Sizes: To comply with the cubic capacity limitations, we selected antennas that met the specified linear dimensions and cubic capacity requirements. Antennas were carefully placed to avoid visibility from roads and waterways.

Mesh Network Implementation: Due to the property’s significant size, we installed a mesh network system to ensure seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building. Multiple access points were positioned strategically to extend the signal across the entire property.

Professional Installation: Our skilled team meticulously installed the antennas and mesh network system while ensuring they blended harmoniously with the listed building’s architecture.


Connectivity and Speed:

Comprehensive Coverage: The installation of a mesh network system resulted in uniform Wi-Fi coverage across the expansive property, eliminating any dead zones or signal dropouts.

Preservation of Historical Significance: Our adherence to the listed building requirements and careful placement of the antennas ensured the property’s historical charm and significance remained intact.

Satisfied Client: Despite the complexities involved, the client expressed satisfaction with our team’s professionalism and adherence to the listed building guidelines, ensuring a successful installation.

The Starlink installation in Southwick, Hampshire, showcases our team’s ability to navigate the challenges posed by listed building requirements and the need for comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage. The successful implementation of the Starlink system and mesh network provided the client with reliable internet connectivity without compromising the historical integrity of the listed property. This project exemplifies our commitment to meeting unique installation requirements and delivering exceptional service to our clients.

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