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Starlink Rental in the UK

1. Order

Fill in your information and the dates you’d like to rent a Starlink.

2. Delivery

We’ll confirm your booking and arrange for your Starlink hardware to be delivered.

3. Get Online

You use your Starlink and at the end of your rental you return the hardware to us.

Rent from £25 per day

Our Starlinks come with the Starlink Roam package that allows you to get internet connection anywhere in the UK and the rest of Europe.

We rent our Starlinks to festivals in the UK. When you need faster speeds and more reliable signal, Starlink is a perfect solution for those on the festival circuit. Whether you are a food van, caterer, production team or organiser. We can supply you with the Starlink kit that you need to get online. Why buy when you can rent?

If you need to stay connected on your camping holiday or perhaps you’re looking to take a little bit of that luxury you have at home, why not rent a Starlink for your camping trip?

Need a more reliable internet connection during your campervan or motorhome trip? Starlink is the perfect solution. Rent a Starlink for your trip and rest assured that you will have a fast and reliable connection wherever you travel to!

We provide Starlink rental solutions for all types of events. Whether you’re organising a proms in the park or a summer festival, the need for fast and reliable internet connections in remote locations is becoming more important. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

* A deposit is required to secure your rental. Availability is subject to demand and each rental agreement is calculated based on your requirements.

Starlink Rentals for...

Across the United Kingdom.

Short & Longer Term Rentals

Short and longer-term rental agreements are available. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Available for rent

Starlink Standard Kit

Rent the standard Starlink kit with the Starlink Roam service to allow you to connect anywhere in the UK & Europe.

Ideal for holidays, short trips and individual use.

Starlink High Performance Kit


Rent the high performance Starlink kit for when you need faster speeds and higher performance. 

Ideal for events, festivals or wherever you need a high performing and reliable connection.

Starlink rental equipment options

Why buy when you can rent?
Get flexible access to Starlink satellite internet to suit you and your needs.