Can I Use My Starlink in Another Country?

Can I Use My Starlink in Another Country

Moving soon and thinking, ‘Can I Use my Starlink in Another Country?’ You’re not alone. In a Reddit post, one user asked: “I live in the Netherlands, but I want to buy a Starlink system to use in Spain….I want to use the system in a far-off location where I will be staying for a few months, doing research. There is no coverage in that area from other internet providers (mobile/4/5G or otherwise). Is this possible?” 

Undeniably, the idea of using Starlink in another country involves careful planning and consideration. In this article, we discuss the potential and the process of connecting to SpaceX’s network in a new country.

Can I Use My Starlink in Another Country?

The straightforward answer is yes. Starlink Terms of Service dedicated a section for Mobility Service Plans, however, with significant considerations on regulatory, technical, and logistical issues. 

How can I use UK Starlink Abroad?

For UK residents aiming to extend their Starlink connectivity abroad, the Starlink Roam service is tailored for users desiring internet access while travelling. This service starts with a “regional” package priced at £85 per month. It ensures connectivity throughout the continent, catering to those in need of a reliable internet connection across Europe. 

For adventurers and professionals requiring a broader reach, the “Global” coverage package is also available at £200 per month, offering extensive internet accessibility worldwide. This flexibility allows UK Starlink users to stay connected, whether exploring nearby territories or venturing globally. 

What You Should Know Before Using Your Starlink in Another Country

Before using your Starlink in another country, it’s important to familiarize yourself with several key considerations. From regulatory approvals to coverage limitations, understanding these aspects can help ensure your transition to international connectivity is smooth and compliant.

Check Starlink's Reach

Starlink deploys thousands of small satellites, creating a mesh network in space and allowing users worldwide to access the internet via a personal user terminal through the Starlink Dish. 

As of now, Starlink is available in 40 countries and continues to expand globally. To check if your desired country is serviceable by Starlink, you may access the availability map here.

Read the Fine Print

Starlink provides some pathways for using the service internationally through its Mobile Service Plans and Mobile Priority Service Plans, but subject to Fair Use Policies and Specifications.

  • Starlink Roam

This plan allows you to access services at any destination where Starlink provides active coverage and is designed for low-demand, portable, land-based use, such as camping or nomadic living.

  • Starlink Regional

With this plan, you can access mobile services at any land-based destination within the continent where you place your order. 

For these plans, mobile service cannot be used on the ocean or in-motion without purchasing additional Mobile Priority Service data. Additionally, while mobile service can be paused and un-paused at any time, pausing the service will pause only the future subscription fees, but applicable equipment rental fees will continue to be charged. When un-paused, the monthly mobile subscription fee will be charged immediately, on a pro-rated basis.

  • Starlink Mobile, Maritime, and Roam Priority Service Plans

These mobile priority service plans are designed for high bandwidth or in-motion users who want global land plus ocean access, which can be paused and un-paused at any time. When un-paused, the monthly subscription fee will be charged immediately. 

However, it is also worth noting that in all these plans, Starlink provides a 2-month leeway, but may require you to change your registered address to your new location if you use mobile services for more than two months in a country that is different from your shipping address.

Legal Considerations

Starlink service usability also depends on regulatory approvals and network capacity, which might vary by country. In this case, the Starlink Terms of Service specified that the user is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, and regulations, and obtaining necessary permits and authorizations in the country of use. This includes adherence to International Trade Controls and not diverting the Starlink Kit or Services to prohibited locations or uses.


Using Starlink internationally involves understanding the regulatory, technical, and logistical considerations. Ensure you’re familiar with Starlink’s service plans, coverage, and local regulations in your destination country. Preparation and staying informed on SpaceX updates are key to leveraging Starlink’s global internet coverage effectively.