Can I Take Starlink Camping?

While going on a camping trip means foregoing some of life’s luxuries, if you would rather keep the creature comfort of internet connectivity, the good news is that there are multiple ways to travel with Starlink. 

The short answer to the question, can I take Starlink camping, is yes – if you purchase Starlink Roam, which was previously called Starlink RV or pay for the portability add-on to your residential service plan. 

This article will cover both portable options, which service is right for your needs, and the current restrictions to the service, so you can make an informed decision before starting or amending your Starlink subscription. 

Can I Take Starlink Camping?

Travel with Starlink Roam

Starlink Roam is one of the easiest ways to ensure that wherever you park your caravan or motorhome or pitch your tent, as long as your satellite dish has unobstructed access to the sky and you are travelling in an area currently covered by Starlink, you can stay connected, stream your favourite shows and work remotely. 

While there are some geographical limitations, at the time of writing, SpaceX is well on its way to providing high-speed, low-latency coverage in all corners of the globe. The ground-breaking technology is changing the connectivity game for many travellers; one of the only drawbacks is that it comes at a premium price. However, with the flexible monthly billing system, you can pause the service and benefit from it again as soon as you are ready to hit the open road again. 

While the standard hardware kit provides adequate connectivity capacity while you’re stationary if you want seamless and reliable connectivity while in motion, you may fare better with high-performance hardware. 

In the UK, the Starlink residential roam package will cost £95 per month and cover your travels through the UK and Europe. If you are rarely in the same location, Starlink Roam is the best option. 

Extend the Reach of Your Residential Plan with the Portability Add-On

The portability add-on is recommended to users who primarily need home internet, plan on only occasionally travelling with Starlink and want the highest possible performance at home. 

If you are already a residential Starlink service user, the portability add-on will be the most cost-effective method of taking Starlink camping with you. By purchasing the portability add-on, you will benefit from the capabilities of Starlink Roam, and you won’t be required to buy another satellite dish to travel with. 

The portability add-on feature is available at £25/month when it is enabled. You can easily turn it on and off as and when you need it. The portability feature will be available as soon as you activate it. 

Restrictions to Starlink Roam

Travelling Starlink users can check the availability of Starlink in the areas they will be travelling to by using the Starlink availability map, which provides real-time updates on availability. As you can see, most of Europe already has access to high-capacity coverage. 

Furthermore, Regional Starlink Roam users and users paying for the portability add-on will only be able to use Starlink in the same continent as the registered address.