All You Need To Know About Starlink Gen 3

All You Need To Know About Starlink Gen 3

The latest addition to the Starlink family, known as the Starlink Standard (Gen 3), brings with it several notable changes and improvements over its predecessors, the Standard Actuated (original) and the Flat High Performance models. Here, we delve into the details, comparing the dimensions, functionality, and technological advancements of these models.

What Is Starlink Gen 3?

Starlink Gen 3 dish features a sleek design, improved efficiency, and user-focused innovation. Eliminating the integrated mounting pole for a compact, streamlined form, Starlink Gen 3 emphasizes ease of installation with a manual alignment process facilitated by a detachable kickstand.

Integrated with the third-generation Starlink router, Starlink Gen 3 offers enhanced Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and robust Ethernet connectivity, ensuring users enjoy reliable, high-speed internet across the globe, particularly for remote, rural, and mobile users.

Starlink Gen 3 vs Gen 2: Comparing Standard and Actuated Models

Starlink Standard Actuated (Gen 2)

Starlink Standard (Gen 3)

Let us highlight the key differences between the Starlink Gen 3 Standard and Actuated models. This comparison focuses on design updates, setup processes, and enhanced performance features.


Starlink Standard

Standard Actuated


Slightly taller and wider; more compact without integrated mounting pole

Taller and narrower with integrated mounting pole for automatic alignment


15.07 inches

11.9 inches

Setup Process

Manual aiming with app guidance and detachable kickstand

Robotic aiming with automatic alignment towards the northern sky

Mounting Options

Accessories available for fixed mounting; more versatile installation

Integrated mounting pole; primarily designed for automatic alignment

Manufacturing Cost

Likely cheaper due to removal of robotics

Higher due to robotic aiming mechanism

Retail Price



Field of View

110 degrees

100 degrees

Power Consumption

75-100 Watts

50-75 Watts

Compatible Router

Third generation with Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and integrated Ethernet ports

Previous generations; specific capabilities may vary

Cable Design

Redesigned for improved durability and less failure

Original design, prone to failure

Power Supply Integration

Separate component; no integrated router power supply

Often integrated with the router

Intended Use

Recommended for RVs, nomads, campers, and residential installations

Primarily residential installations

Availability for Order

Initially limited to selected testers in the USA; broader availability to be determined

Widely available prior to the launch of the Standard model

Design and Dimensions

The Starlink Gen 3 Standard Kit introduces a slightly larger but more compact design compared to its predecessor, the Standard Actuated model. By removing the integrated mounting pole, SpaceX has achieved a more streamlined form factor, measuring 15.07 inches in width, compared to the previous 11.9 inches. This change not only enhances stability but also supports a wider field of view.

Installation Process

The automated alignment feature has been replaced with a manual aiming process, facilitated by the Starlink app and a detachable kickstand. This shift towards manual setup is complemented by new mounting accessories, allowing for a broader range of installation options, including fixed mounts on roofs and poles.

The Starlink Gen 3’s new mounting options also spark debates, particularly on Reddit as many users have encountered problems with its pole adapters, which raised questions on the proper installation of Starlink Gen 3 in the UK in its anticipated availability in the region.  

While there are questions about the best way to securely install the Gen 3 on British buildings, Spacelink Installations is ready to provide expert guidance. We offer professional installation services to ensure a smooth and safe setup, ensuring users can enjoy the full benefits of their Starlink connection.

Technological Enhancements

Despite the design and setup changes, the kit’s price remains at $599, or around £473, but the final UK price for Starlink Gen 3 remains to be confirmed upon its availability.

The Gen 3 Standard Kit is optimised for the third-generation Starlink router, which brings Wi-Fi 6 capabilities and Ethernet-out ports for improved connectivity. A significant aspect of this model is its increased power consumption, requiring 75-100 Watts, reflecting its enhanced satellite tracking capabilities.

Connectivity and Performance

The new model boasts a 110-degree field of view for satellite tracking, improving upon the 100-degree view of its predecessor but still behind the 140-degree field of view offered by the Flat High-Performance model.

Additionally, SpaceX has redesigned the connection cable for better durability and has separated the power supply from the router for increased flexibility during installation.

Market Introduction

Initially, SpaceX is making the Gen 3 Standard Kit available to selected testers in the USA, with plans for a wider rollout undefined.

This phased approach allows for real-world testing and refinement before expanding availability.

Initial Impressions and Future Prospects

While the Flat High Performance system remains the preferred choice for moving vehicles and maritime applications due to its advanced capabilities, the launch of the new Standard Dish marks a significant milestone.

The new Standard Dish is now recommended as the go-to option for RVs, nomads, and campers, highlighting its portability and ease of storage compared to the pole-mounted version.

As developments unfold, we commit to keeping our readers informed with the latest information on this exciting new chapter in Starlink’s journey.